Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Finding Nemo

Tell me where will Nemo go
When there is no reef?
When silt and sludge have ruined his home,
It’s still beyond belief.

Tell me where will Dory go
When the coral is no more?
Warm water blurring  pristine seas,
Starving the marine floor.

What of Marlin, brave and true
Looking for his son?
Bruce the shark, is he hunted down
Not for sport, but fun?

How do you tell your children
That Nemo is no more?
They were once there in history
When Australia cared much more.

How do you teach your kids to care
When leaders show no thought?
When company profits rule the roost
And lessons are not taught.

How do you teach your kids to think
And care for their legacy?
When Nemo is just a memory -

A cartoon fantasy.

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