Sunday, September 7, 2014

Inner Child

I try to ignore you, keep you away,
You sleep in your tiny bed,
Covers up to your ears,
Rhythmic breath beating time
Until you demand attention again.

You are my unacknowledged sigh,
The bloated disappointment
As I wait for an absent friend,
The chill of resentment

As another takes the stage,
The strangled cry of despair
As the door shuts too loudly
And footsteps fade to a rustle.

This is all you, stripped potential,
Graceless, denied,
Dormant, staring, silent
Except for the heartbeat we share.

If you were to speak,
Would you strike out in anger
Or resolutely state facts?

 I do not know how to parent you.
Should I be your saviour
Or your friend?

 We walk two very different
Tightropes together,
Hand in hand
Each other’s safety net
Until the next crisis
Leaves us both weeping,
And running from the storm.