Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lilith I

Liliith I

I have learned to sit and scream
Betrayed beyond grief
Beyond hope, beyond life,
Sitting in the mud that bore me
The mud that raised me
The mud that makes me whole
Mad with the knowledge
That I am nothing more
Nothing less, than complete
A perfect mix of elements
Heat, moisture, wind and dirt,
Pristinely unclean
Perfectly, beautifully hideous
Unseen in plain sight
Shunned from the world.

They cannot see my strength.

They cannot see my power.

It is not for them to know
As I remain perched, howling in the brambles
Moaning with the West Wind
Covering myself in excrement
Piss flowing over my feet
Blood, clotted, drying tangling above
Skin  stripped bare, scaly, scarred.
Hidden in plain sight
Wanting to be loved once more.

They cannot see my truth

They cannot see my pain.

For every night life flies from me
Like a lemming over a cliff
Flowing predestined from my womb
A morning tide of sorrow.

All for standing in my truth.

All for wanting to be equal.

All for wanting to know love.